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What's range of analog input on BLE nano?

Hello everybody:

I have a little question. I need to use an analog input on BLE nano but I don't know its range. so What's the range of analog input?

Because a try to get the range, I put 1V in P0_4 and watched the range of input with the code posted below. But I didn't receive data so I saw default pinout I supposed that my pinout conexion was wrong and if I'd like to use the default configuration Do I need short S1-S5 and open the others or by default it's already done?

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  1. include "mbed.h"

AnalogIn ain(P0_4);

int main(void) { while (1) { printf("Dato : %f\n",ain.read()); wait(0.2f); } } #########

best regards. Alarcón

I have the same issue. It seems AnalogIn(P0_4) and AnalogIn(P0_5) don't work properly on my BLE NANO.

posted by yuki nojiso 18 Nov 2015

I'll tell you it's no necessary to short some pins only with default config should work and the range of analog input is given by ADC range.

I hope my answer help you.

posted by Miguel Alarcón Ortiz 19 Nov 2015

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