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Send interger trough Bluetooth LE

Hi everybody,

I have a problem when i want to send integer value through BLE in NRF51 DK. I have four characteristics like that:

ReadWriteGattCharacteristic<uint16_t> reveil; ReadWriteGattCharacteristic<uint16_t> jours; ReadWriteGattCharacteristic<uint16_t> vibrationOn; ReadWriteGattCharacteristic<uint16_t> vibrationOff;

but when i send integer value through nrf Master app, it doesn't work. For example, when i send the integer 1000 , i receive in my characteristic the Hexadecimal value 0xE803 (59395 decimal value), i don't understand why ???

It is not possible to send an integer value upper to 256 trough BLE ?

Thanks for your help, Yass.

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