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Arch BLE disconnects after 10 seconds

Dear mbed Experts,

I have made some changes to the "BLE_LoopbackUART" example imported from the nRF51-DK page. The code works fine on the nRF51-DK board. However, with the same code on the Seeed Arch BLE board, the connection to my iPhone app is dropped after 10 seconds!

On the Arch BLE Wiki website, I read that


If the BLE device is disconnected frequently, we can improve the stability by changing the BLE parameters - Advertising Duration (main.cpp), Min Interval and Max Interval (nRF51822/projectconfig.h)

I changed the following two parameters to various numbers ranging 7.5ms to 4s with no luck.

#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MIN_INTERVAL_MS     20    /**< Minimum acceptable connection interval */
#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MAX_INTERVAL_MS     200   /**< Maximum acceptable connection interval */

Both boards use the nRF51822 chip so I can't see the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks, Soren

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Arch BLE is an mbed enabled development board based Nordic nRF51822. With Arduino form factor and Grove connectors, it is extremely easy to create a bluetooth low energy device.
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