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FTDI with Nucleo-L053R8

Hello, I have been using Nucleo-L053R8 with an 3 light sensor. I have flashed the code by using ST-Link. The sensor is working and the output is fine. Now I would like to connect the FTDI with USB port. I have connected TXD pin from FTDI to RX pin in nucleo. And RXD from FTDI to TX from nucleo. Then i pressed restart. But i could not see any output on serial terminal ( teraterm). Someone tell me what the problem is?

I also tried connecting RX-1 and TX-0 to nucleo TX and RX respectively.

Thank you. /media/uploads/rama4444/ftdi.jpg /media/uploads/rama4444/img_3718.jpg

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See https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/wiki/Use-of-D0D1-Arduino-pins

On the nucleos, D0 & D1 are not connected to the microcontroller's serial 2 Tx/Rx !

Either modify the solder bridges according to the above link, or easier use serial 1 Tx & Rx on (D8 or D10) & D2. Or easier still use the ST Link's virtual com port to monitor Ser2 Tx & Rx (D0 & D1) on your PC.

Refer to your board's platform page https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/ST-Nucleo-L053R8/

Thank you David. It's working. Forgot to change the pin numbers in program. Serial pc(D8, D2); Thank you.

posted by Mohan gandhi Vinnakota 18 Sep 2015