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Turn ON, Turn OFF the shield on stm32L152

Hi to all, i have this question, i have a st nucleo and i use 5 v PIN ( on Arduino connector CN6.), i have this question can i turn On/OFF via software the shield?

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6 years, 1 month ago.

You can not switch off the power to the shield hardware unless you modify the nucleo board or the shield. A transistor/fet in the 3V3 or 5V power connection to the shield hardware is what you would need to add. However, note that disconnecting the power to the shield while there are still connections between DigitalOut pins from the L152 and unpowered hardware on the shield may lead to undesired effects. A high level on a DigitalOut pin could still power the shield board through the protection diodes on the shields digital inputpins.

Depending on the shield hardware you may be able to use software commands and put it in powerdown mode which should achieve more or less what you are looking for without actually disconnecting the supplyvoltage..

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