7 years, 6 months ago.

RFM12 Library not working with HappyGecko

Hi I have trouble to get working RFM12B (moteino) Library with HappyGecko development board same library worked for DipcortexM3 board without problem ( several nodes working )

trouble is that durring initialisation there is command which sends trough SPI zeroes but nothing happend clock is all time in logic low ( checked with scope )

Please can anyone suggest what i am doing wrong ?

BR /media/uploads/sargonout/_rfm12_tx_test_hg_zip_efm32hg_stk3400.zip

its easier if you share the code here, so people cna import it or check the sources directly on mbed

posted by Martin Kojtal 09 Sep 2015

Hi Martin ... code is exported form compiler and zip is attached ... i chose export because of the RFM Library BR Tomislav

posted by Tomislav Arnaudov 10 Sep 2015
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