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Has anyone used an NRF1822 RTC as a Real Time Clock?

In moving my project from LPC1768 / FRDM-KL46Z to the nifty new (to me) nRF51-DK, I discovered it didn't have an explicitly defined real time clock. But after reading the Nordic nRF51 reference manual, it certainly seems like one of the real time counters should be able to be configured as a real time clock. But before I go off to possibly re-invent the wheel (inevitably leaving out a few spokes and creating a wobbly, dangerous kludge), is there some existing code out there to implement an RTClock for the nRF51-DK? In the ideal world, I'd like to be able to use the standard time functions (as nicely documented here), but I'm perfectly happy to hinder portability with nRF51-specific replacement methods.

If some invention is necessary, my best guess for a starting point is Nordic's "app_timer.h" API. Any better pointers?

My apologies if I've missed the obvious (likely) and that it really works just fine right now....

Found a better starting point: nRF51_SDK_7/examples/peripheral/rtc (you can download it from Nordic after you purchase a development kit). Amazing what happens when you actually READ THE DOCUMENTATION. Looks straight forward from there. Hope to post again when I get around to trying it, just in case there's some other poor sap like me floundering around through the sea of information out there.

posted by Francis Schumacher 27 Jan 2015

There is/are. Looking forward to post. Maybe you can publish project, and add the notes in project's wiki, and a weblink from here to that wiki :)

posted by Paul Russell 05 Feb 2015

OK... I just published my attempt at an RTC for the nRF51-DK. Weblink: http://developer.mbed.org/users/fxschumacher/code/nRF51_rtc_example/

posted by Francis Schumacher 08 Feb 2015
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