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Error compiling using nrf51-DK FOTA platform

I'm trying to compile example BLE_LED on nrf51-DK FOTA platform, but it shows an error


Error: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed_8ed44a420e5c/platform.h", Line: 21, Col: 21

It seems that the mbed library does not have FOTA shadow platform as a recognized device. Any fix? Thanks in advance for help :)

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posted by Lalit Kumar 06 Sep 2015

I get the same error

posted by Andrew Fox 16 Sep 2015

Same issue here. Any fix available?

posted by Luke P. 29 Sep 2015

no response yet. I've also just posted on bugs & suggestions forum so hopefully we'll get a fix soon

posted by Andrew Fox 30 Sep 2015

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3 years, 1 month ago.

I'm getting this error. Kind of sad since this thread is well over a year old.