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export program toolchain gcc arm

Hi all,

when I try to export program I can only choose between Emblocks and zip archive, the other options are disabled. Any idea why this happens?

I would like to export programs in order to compile them with gcc arm toolchain

the target I'm choosing is RedBearLab BLE Nano

Thanks in advance



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4 years, 11 months ago.

Not every plattform is supported by every toolchain. For your target other exporter then these two are not available at the moment.


Accepted Answer

Thank Olaf.

I was wondering if you could point me out a way to compile a simple BLE project having as target the RedBearLab BLE Nano using the arm gcc toolchain.

I successfully recompiled the mbed SDK (https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed) for that target and I'm able to recompile the tests (that don't contain any BLE examples), however the build process relies on python scripts while I would like to use the standard make

thank you


posted by Luca Tamburrano 01 Sep 2015

Luca, there are some options, you can use my simple makefile for mbed : https://github.com/0xc0170/mbed_gcc_makefile, which you can edit to get BLE add.

There's cmake (search for cmake mbed), where is also BLE added.

I am currently adding cmake to project generator (then u can export to makefile and build). I can create one example using BLE and mkit.

posted by Martin Kojtal 02 Sep 2015