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Can C12832 Support nFR51822 ?


Just found the LCD can not work well on the following scenario.

HW: Arch BLE(development board based Nordic nRF51822) + mbed Application Shield SW: app-shield-LCD + C12832 PIN: C12832 lcd(p25, p29, p28, p14, p24);

Could anyone help to confirm if the lib C12832 can support nFR51822 platform. I would appreciate greatly if you could give some advise about this issue.

Best Regards, Xinbai

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C12832 LCD with generic interface
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4 years, 2 months ago.

Hi Xinbai,

I just tried it and it worked fine. These were the pins I used:

C12832 lcd(P0_20, P0_15, P0_22, P0_21, P0_19);

This was the example program I was using:

All the best, Brian

Thanks Brian,

I changed the P14 to P17, it worked. Seems that there is miss in Pinout picture of Seeed Arch BLE.

Best Regards, Xinbai

posted by Xinbai Liu 27 Feb 2015

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