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Committing code revisions.

Hallo community, I seem to be in a bit of a pickle with committing multi-file code. I have my main file and some libraries but the system refuses to commit some of the libraries (.h + .cpp files). The error message states that 'There has been a problem committing your project', which I think we all agree is not particularly helpful or informative. The libraries I'm trying to commit are within a folder for the sake of neatness although moving the library outside the folder makes no difference. I must be missing something very basic about working with version control... Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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8 years, 8 months ago.

Try making an empty project, copying your files over, and commit them in that project. I have comitted some files yesterday without problems (could be broken now, you never know).

Hallo, trying to commit changes from a new project doesn't seem to be working either for the same reason: some libraries are committed without issue whilst others are not. Older projects with single-file structure seem to be committing without issues, however, which makes it all the stranger...

posted by Nano Group 26 Aug 2015

Since you have a copy now anyway, what happens if you delete files to figure out if it is a special file blocking the commit process? If it is a specific file, delete stuff in the file until it works. Only reason I can think of is that for example you put (accidentally) special characters in.

posted by Erik - 26 Aug 2015