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Where can i connect Frequency output , FOUT output enable from external RTC to Nucleo-L053R8

Hello, I'm using an external RTC. I wanted to connect it to the Nucleo-L053R8 in I2C. The two pins from RTC, Frequency output and FOUT output enable. To which pins can i connect them?. thank you.

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Not sure that I understand your question. Typical RTC devices that use I2C to readout or control don't need any other pins besides SDA and SCL with proper pull-up resistors. The external RTC may have an optional frequency out pin that produces a 1 Hz pulse or some other signal (eg interrupt when a timer expires). If you want to connect that pin to the nucleo you can use any of the digital input pins (eg D2..D15). In case that Fout pin on your RTC also has some ''output enable'' you can connect and control that using one of the nucleo digital output pins (eg D2..D15).