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mbed support for Outrageous Circuits Retro

There currently is no platform support for the Outrageous Circuits Retro development board. You do have support for the mBuino but it uses a different ARM core. I would like to start development on the the Retro board now. Is there a platform that you currently support that would enable me to do so? Do you have plans for supporting the Retro development board and, if so, when will it be available?

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As Erik has said, all the current OutrageousCircuits mbed products are based around the LPC11u24. Specifically you should use mBuino platform which is the base for all these products.


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You mean this one? http://www.outrageouscircuits.com/shop/product/15

That also seems to have the same 11u24.

Hi Erik, the schematic for the Retro indicates it uses the NXP LPC11U2x which is ARM Cortex-M0 based. The part can run up to 50 MHz.

posted by Tom Pomphrey 25 Jan 2015