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How to export with full mbed library?

I have a project that I've successfully exported to GCC_ARM.

Initially I had the mbed library as a "library build" and the mbed-rpc library as full library sources.

Wanting to be able to debug better, I converted the mbed library build into a full library so I could get the lib sources.

I then tried to re-export the project. After several minutes of waiting, I got a dialog box saying "Unable to export for this target. Please contact support.".

Am I doing something wrong?

Alternatively, what is the best way to use the export from the online IDE to get the full mbed library sources for debugging along with my program sources?

I could get the mbed library sources separately from github or mercurial, but I don't know whether the exported Makefile can be told to use a library from another directory.

Or I could export my program with mbed as a "library build", then "hg clone" the mbed library into a subdirectory (which is what happened to the mbed-rpc library when I exported my program). But I don't know whether this would break my ability to push back to the mbed.org repo.

It doesn't look like the libraries are treated as actual subrepos (i.e. there is no .hgsub file defining these). How does mercurial handle subdirectories that themselves have .hg/ directories?

I don't know much about mercurial (other than the few commands I've needed to keep things in sync).

I also tried selecting the mbed library in the online IDE and chose "Export library". However, the result doesn't have the .hg directory in it.

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5 years, 5 months ago.

You only have to import the lib "mbed-src" and delete the "mbed" lib in your program. After that you can export and debug program and mbed.