6 years, 3 months ago.

Upgrade firmware for Nucleo board using wine on "OS X" 10.9.5

As I don't have easy access to a win7 machine I thought I'ld try using Wine and was able with a lot of effort (a whole morning and lots of swear words I was saving up for working on my bike) to install the USB drivers using regsrv32 and run the upgrade program, but because USB is not completely implemented in Wine it wouldn't find the board. So close but so far, so I took a 6 pack over to my neighbour and used his win7 machine and did 3 boards in 10 minutes, grrrr. Does anyone have the knowledge to complete this procedure as I'm completely ignorant when it comes to windows. Would it be possible to write a java program to do the upgrades then every OS would be able to, in theory, to carry them out?

Would it be possible to put dates with the changelogs so we easily have some idea of when they were done and if we need to visit our neighbour again?

Cheers Mike

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