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Working LPC1768 using external power source.

Hello, I have a question to operating LPC1768 using external pwr' src'.

I already checked the 1768 might be operated on 5V DC power, but a problem is valid quantity of current.

I checked datasheet but I couldn't catch any clues.

Are there any problems to operating 1768 using 5V/1.2A(ampere) cable? or 5V/2A cable?

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Are you talking about the LPC768 version of the mbed or the actual chip itself? The mbed will run from 5V and draw about 100mA, so either of your power supplies will work fine. The chip itself needs 3V3 volts and if you put 5V into it the thing will probably blow up!

Accepted Answer

Thanks. I told about mbed(LPC1768), and I checked that both power supplies worked well as you replied.

posted by Myoung Yeo 02 Jan 2015