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simultanous communication and power with usb kl25z??

Hello in a project I am using USBDevice library to have a virtual uart using USBSerial. The problem is that iIwant to have the possibility of communicating throught USB but nearly all the time the USB will be just a power connector.

If I compile with USBDevice support plugging "power only" makes the micro not booting. Perfectly boot when the cable is plugged to a Computer USB port.

If i remove the USBDevice support the micro boots with "power only" and also connected to a computer USB port, but I have lost the chance to communicate with it.

I am gueessing that some pull-up in the D lines is needed and not configured when I try the "power only" option but I do not know how to find that.

Any ideas

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The problem is that by default it will block until it is connected. One of the arguments in the constructor can change that to non-blocking. Then it will start fine in both situation (at least it should :P).

There is something like .isConnected() (check the API for what it is exactly) which will tell you if it is connected. The part however what might be a problem is how to handle disconnects and subsequent reconnects. If that isn't required for your application then you don't have to worry.

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Actually the functiion is .configured().

Thanks!! Now it works as expected

posted by Oskar Lopez de Gamboa 05 Jan 2015