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multiple clients for http server

Hi all, I have made a web server, which is running fine. It is offering a web page which takes some input from the user. Issue is I cant access this webserver from more than one computer/browser. If I tried to access it from multiple browsers. it doesnt open. It is working just for one client, can any one give me the way that i can do it for multiple clients. Below is the chunk of my code:

void serverMain(int port,
                char * ipage,
                cgi_handler * handleList,
                dyn_html_handler * dhList)
    static TCPSocketServer server;
     static TCPSocketConnection client;

    indexPage = ipage;
    chList = handleList;
    htmlList = dhList;

    printf("Main HTTP server\r\n");
    // Start Listening
    if(server.listen() != 0);

    // Handle Clients and Data
    printf("Main  server\r\n");
       status = server.accept(client);
        if (status >= 0)
            // Connection Accepted, Send Data
            // Wait for a data update
//rest of the code

1 Answer

6 years, 10 months ago.

I guess it's because you are using a single TCPSocketConnection for all clients. You need to use a different instance of TCPSocketConnection for each client.

You should also check the limits of how many TCP connections this library can handle and do some kind of management, for example if you've reached the limit, you could close the most idle connection and use that one for the new client.