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stuck on btle_init>>


I imported this program and on running , my terminal is stuck on ->

Initializing btle_init>>

... nothing after that ...

Any idea ?

Thanks. -Vijay

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Heart Rate monitor example for the Nucleo board and the Bluetooth Low Energy Nucleo board.

I know this post is 7 months old, but it seems I am stuck with the same problem. Connecting Pin11 and Pin31 on CN10 (double checked its not CN7) as shown didn't change anything. Help please.

I am using NucleoF411RE board with BlueNRG shield X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1.

posted by Aravind Parvathala 10 Aug 2015

Hi Aravind,

if have a NUCLEO-F411RE with Pin11 and Pin31 shorted, you can't use the LED on the Nucleo and the BlueNRG shield at the same time. The reason is that in such a configuration, the LED pin and the SPI clock are shorted and cannot be controlled successfully at the same time.

Hope that helps, Antonio.

posted by Antonio Vilei 01 Oct 2015

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Use a jump wire to connect pin 11 to pin 31 of the CN10 or on the BlueNRG shields (Remove R10 and assemble R11)

/media/uploads/sjallouli/nucleo_jump_wire.jpg Thank you.

Accepted Answer


I am getting randomly this error -

btle_init>> AddService(): Type:0

added servHandle handle =0

Char Properties 0x10


added bleCharacteristic handle =17757

updating bleCharacteristic charHandle =17757, corresponding serviceHanle= 0

Error while updating characteristic.

Please clarify

posted by Vijayaraghavan Narayanan 22 Dec 2014

Hi Vijay,

We still don't have a clear answer on that.

Sorry for that.


posted by Slim JALLOULI 22 Dec 2014

You get Error 17757 if you mix up CN7 and CN10 by connecting the jump wire between pin 11 and pin 31. Be care that the ST-Link module on the attached picture looks to the right.

posted by Alexander Eberhardt 03 Jul 2015