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Concat.py problem

Dear Sirs

I am trying to follow the handbook on cmsis dap interface firmware. Bootloader code compiled OK for LPC11U35. Target is LPC812 with interface project settings switched to lpc11u35_lpc812_mbed_bootloader. See dump screen below. /media/uploads/techtoys/projectconfiguration.jpg

Name of executable changed to lpc11u35_lpc812_if_mbed_bootloader with object path changed to ..\CMSIS-DAP\interface\mdk\lpc11u35\Obj.

lpc11u35_lpc812_if_mbed_bootloader.axf and .bin generated.

Then I switched to CMSIS-DAP\tools and run python concat.py like this:

python concat.py -I lpc11u35 -t lpc812.

However, a final bin image cannot be generated with KeyError: 'lpc11u35' (see KeyErrorMsg.jpg /media/uploads/techtoys/keyerrormsg.jpg below).

What went wrong?


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