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Is Compile/Repository API documentation going to be updated?

Why does the documentation page for Compile API show the old URLs with mbed.org instead of developer.mbed.org? Also, the API call for compilation output doesn't seem to be working. Is this going to be updated any time soon? And finally, is there a way to create a new program or update an existing program in the workspace or replace an existing program in a repository? Thanks, M.

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I would also be interested in this information.

On a related note, is there an easy way to up/download files for a project? eg: download a file to edit/process with a script (that has some special feature) then reupload before compiling using the api

posted by David Godfrey 04 Feb 2015

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There is no plan currently withing the mbed organization to update the Compile API. The compile API is not an 'officially supported' product or project but rather is a convenience exposed for advanced users. No support is provided for this API.

That said, there is a js library to make it easier to use : https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-compile-api-js , again this is provided with no gurantee of use nor does it imply a promise of service in any way shape or form.