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K64F availability

FRDM-K64F is no longer available from Freescale or any of the major US distributors (avnet, arrow, future, newark, digikey, mouser, allied). All distributors tell me that they have orders on the books that have slipped by months now. Does anyone know if Freescale plans to build any more of these? Any word on when?

I've called freescale but they know nothing.

Thanks. Eric December 16, 2014.

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I have had confirmation that a large number of boards are moving to distributors now. Expect january they will be in stock at distributors.

posted by iain galloway 24 Dec 2014

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Yes, Freescale is only temporarily out of stock because of very high demand for these boards. A large build is in progress.

As an aside, there will be boards available at the AT&T hackathon Jan 2-4 just prior to CES in Las Vegas (USA)

thanks, but I don't think I can make it to the hackathon. You'd think with the 1000's in back order for months that they'd be built by now. At least a estimated delivery date would be helpfull.

I have a few, but not enough for my project - I may have to switch them all to LPC4088 and make an adapter.

posted by eric j 16 Dec 2014

Hey, don't shoot the messenger :-) I'm just letting you know what I know. They're popular. I will see if there is someone I can ask about the delivery dates.

posted by iain galloway 16 Dec 2014

I'm sorry, didn't mean it that way. my frustration is with freescale.

posted by eric j 16 Dec 2014

So I did find out that there was a decent size shipment in December. It likely wasn't enough to cover all the backlog at certain distys. You might also find that some distributors haven't received them yet and/or still need to put the inventory on their shelf. More boards are also being manufactured. But basically they are 'in transit' now. *This is not an official freescale update*

posted by iain galloway 16 Dec 2014