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Why is SerialHalfDuplex still unsupported ?


I can not understand why this class (or simply "Half Duplex") is still unsupported on mbed. Half duplex is needed for some devices but it's too difficult to support it on current mbed serial library. There are some ARM chips that includes half duplex mode in it's UART. But now, it's also difficult to use it with mbed library for compatibility.

I hope to add some functionality in serial.h API and hal to support half duplex officially. And modify Tx irq to support both "empty buffer" and "all data sent". "empty buffer" should be used for sending data continuously. "all data sent" should be used for switching from Tx to Rx on half duplex.

Regards, Zak

Hi, can you be more specific? Isaw your previous thread with the same question.

Too difficult t o support? Pinpoint the details (consider I haven't seen Half Duplex library here on mbed)

posted by Martin Kojtal 12 Dec 2014

Thank you for your comment.

My Plan is to write a protocol layer for our half duplex serial controlled RC servo motor. So I think I should use only mbed standard library to access UART and so on.

But now, half duplex is still unsupported, Serial Tx irq are different between some chip makers, There is no standard style to implement half duplex for all mbed boards.

That's why I asked this question.

Regards, Zak

posted by Kazutaka "Zak" Sawa 15 Dec 2014

Hmmm.... Is it not important issue about the half duplex at mbed area !?

posted by Kazutaka "Zak" Sawa 05 Jan 2015
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