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Transfering sensor data / actuator commands

This is more a general question about how-to transfer sensor-data from an edge-device/micro-controller to an intermediate gateway and from there on to the cloud or directly from an edge-device to the cloud. And the other way around in case of having actuators connected to the edge device/micro-controller.

I know we can use messaging protocols like MQTT, MQTT/SN, CoAP in case there are available clients for the respective micro-controller and above that the communication protocol (e.g. TCP/IP) must be present to support these messaging protocols.

So my question what in case the mentioned messaging protocols can't be used (on the micro-controller): when using e.g. XBee/ZigBee, Bluetooth, RF, ... what are the (possible/recommended) ways to communicate your data between sensor/actuator-micro-controller and the gateway - cloud?


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5 years, 3 months ago.

Is there an mbed library for MQTT-SN that works with XBee series 2 over UART serial?

I found this: https://github.com/ty4tw/MQTT-SN

and: http://rijware.com/zigbee-and-mqtt/

Perhaps Thread is the future: http://threadgroup.org/