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GPS output

/media/uploads/VIJJI1985/sparkfun_gps_shield_uvision_lpc4088.zip Hi can anyone answer me why the output of this code is always showing zero's. I am using LPC 4088 experiment bundle with gps receiver. Thanks in advance.

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well the comments says that the baud rate should be 4800, but your code (just below the comment) sets baud rate to 9600.

 * D1 - TX pin (RX on the GPS module side)
 * D0 - RX pin (TX on the GPS module side)
 * 4800 - GPS baud rate
SerialGPS gps(P4_22, P4_23,9600);

For 4800 baud rate it shows output as "Overflowed message limit" so i kept 9600 but the output is always zero

posted by VIJAYA LAKSHMI 30 Jul 2015

Maybe you should write the serial data coming from the gps to the pc serial port. Just to look at the data that is coming from the gps module.

posted by Erik Houet 30 Jul 2015