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Bambino 210E as the official mBed Platform

When will be adopted the Bambino 210E between the offitial mBed Platform, when will be easily useable ?

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Development team for mbed projects at Micromint USA, including the Micromint Bambino SBCs.

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9 years, 7 months ago.

Thanks for your interest in the Micromint Bambino 210E for your mbed projects.

mbed requirements for new platforms evolved multiple times since we posted the mbed port for the LPC43xx. We have been involved in several projects and have not been able to finalize those. There are some development hours available on our schedule this month, which should allow the remaining tests to be completed before the end of the year.

Note that some developers have used the Micromint Bambino 210 and 210E for mbed projects with the current mbed source code. One option is to use an offline compiler. Our wiki has several project examples from the mbed textbook using Keil and GCC ARM. Another option is to use the online compiler and add mbed-src to your projects. Using full sources does require more experience with ARM compilers than using a pre-built library binary. After mbed tests are completed, an LPC43xx library binary should be available on the online compiler.

Hello, I downloaded mbed-lpc43xx-master, and tried to build Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, -e: build the Ethernet library -u: build the USB device library -U: build the USB Host library

I found the drivers source code are not ready in this port(mbed-lpc43xx-master), and I also check can_api.c is missing in HAL, ethernet_api.c is dummy code. Would you please give me some direction, idea, or estimate release schedule?

Thank you very much.

posted by Stanly Chen 08 Feb 2015
7 years, 9 months ago.

Has anything actually progressed, or is the Bambino210E a board to be avoided until the MBED libraries are completed?