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Where can I buy?

Hello! Where can I buy JKSoft Wallbot BLE board?


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JKSoft Wallbot BLE is an mbed enabled robotics kit which has two wheels and magnets underneath of the boards. You can control this robot by iOS App.

As I understand the google translation, it seems, the Wallbot BLE is available in Japan. I guess it will cost around 165 Euros or USD185.00 (21600 JPY) plus taxes and shipping and so.



I hope it will be avail in a international store.

posted by Robert Fischer 01 Feb 2015

You can order from the Switch Science international web shop now. https://international.switch-science.com/catalog/2119/

posted by Toyomasa Watarai 13 Feb 2015

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It is a sales plan around January next year . We are currently preparing so that you can also purchase outside of Japan .

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