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Has anyone had success with GDB?

Hello all,

Recently my team and I have run into a lot of issues in our code that require a good debugging solution. Unfortunately, however, we haven't found a good way of setting breakpoints and stepping through our code to find out where our issues lie.

I was attracted to GDB, since I've used it in the past for general-purpose machines (i.e. i86 architecture), but I'm fairly new to the embedded world, so I'm not sure how to use a debugger for ARM embedded processors. I installed the GNU ARM bare metal toolchain (arm-none-eabi) which includes a version of GDB specific to ARM processors, but I have no idea how to set it up properly so that I can see what's going on with my external device (i.e. a NUCLEO-F401RE board).

Could somebody please shed some light on the issue? Also, do I need external hardware like a JTAG interface in order to access information on the device (like register info or memory status), or can I do that using USB? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am a total ARM noob, only started with ARM processors a couple of months ago. Always used PIC before, which is much simpler when it comes to programming/debugging! I exported my program (ST Nucleo and Freescale platform), and used offline CooCox CoIDE and emBlocks IDEs. Both of them support debugging, and without any setup I could single step and debug my program! Didn't have to install anything else.

posted by modtronix H 03 Dec 2014

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look at pyOCD https://github.com/mbedmicro/pyOCD, although there's no support for Nucleo targets yet.

There's openOCD which you can use. Or jlink for example has own gdb server, which you can use.

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