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Pic to Hex converter for STM32F746G Disco

Hi to all, I'm trying to modify the source code of the demo software of the board, if I would replace the ST logo at startup with another logo what online tool can I use to convert an image to the correct hex format?


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This works but does mono only not colour.


what are the right settings to use? Little or Big? how many Pixels/byte?

posted by Daniele Spadoni 27 Jul 2015

Most display drivers use 'BliBit' to transfer the image data to the display buffer. Normally this is byte (8 bits) aligned. I find the best way is to load a BMP image you want from say Google images for instance into Windows Paint or similar program. Resize this to give a vertical and horizontal resolution that will divide by 8, eg 32x64. Set the image property to 'Mono' to get a sharp image. You may need to use the eraser tool in Paint to get rid of pixels that come from the greys or colours that were in the original image. depending on how you want the image to look, you may need to 'select all' and invert the image.

Once you get the image how you want it, save as a 'mono' .BMP file. Open this file in the bit map converter and it will already be at the correct resolution settings so no cropping will take place. Default is 8 pixels per byte and little endian seems to work okay. I think I leave it set to vertical orientation. If you get trash when displaying image try horizontal.

Save this as a .h file that can then be imported to your Mbed library.

posted by Paul Staron 27 Jul 2015