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Demo code?

Any luck with the demo code for this I was not able to find it.

Question relating to:

Library to support using the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield v1.0 - made by Seeed Studio - for Arduino This shield uses either the SPFD5408A or ST7781R display chip. FRDM, KL25z, MLK25Z128FRDM

what touchScreen library do u use?

posted by Matthew Heiger 13 Jul 2015

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Hi, So sorry.... was on vacation and too much to catch up on when I got back.... forgot all about this....

Hope this helps.....


Thanks man that's a big help it is giving me some errors but I'll try to work through it!

posted by Matthew Heiger 13 Jul 2015
3 years, 11 months ago.

Hi there can you post the other sources which are included in this code?

For example the touchscreen.h or rtos.h. After automatically adding those via help function I got the errors:

Error: Identifier "WORDS_STACK_SIZE" is undefined in "rtos/Thread.h", Line: 22, Col: 32 Error: Cannot open source input file "error.h": No such file or directory in "rtos/Queue.h", Line: 9, Col: 20

Could you also post a minimal example for init and drawing a line or something like that?

I try to work with this shield:


Thanks a lot =)