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Export to uvision5 issues on STM DISCO-L053C8 (Solution)

I have tried to export a simple blinking LED example MyBlinky to uVision5 for platform DISCO-L053C8 and had some issues: Exporting the project to uvision4 works fine and the result is a MyBlinky.zip file as expected.

Then, opening the project file MyBlinky.vproj results in two messages: Missing Devices/Device not found (c.f. https://developer.mbed.org/questions/53927/Exporting-to-vision5/) You can safely ignore those and select

  • Project/Manage/Migrate to Version 5 Format
  • Close and reopen with new MyBlinky.vprojx.

Project/Build target showed around 30 errors.

Fix 1: do not use MicroLib

  • Flash/Configure flash tools; select Target tab; uncheck "Use MicroLIB"; OK
  • Project/Build target will result in less errors.

Fix 2: correct linker path by removing CR LF

  • Flash/Configure flash tools; select Linker tab
  • copy all the contents of edit field "Misc controls" and paste to a new file into text editor
  • replace all whitespace and CR LF with single spaces: all entries should be on one single line now
  • copy this line and paste it back to edit field "Misc controls"
  • OK Project/Build target should result in 0 errors.

To flash the program to the board, the flash algorithm must be selected, as proposed here: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/53927/Exporting-to-vision5/

  • Flash/Configure flash tools
  • select Debug tab
  • select Use ST-Link Debugger
  • Press Settings
  • select tab Flash Download
  • add STM32L0xx_64KB Flash algorithm
  • OK

Now Flash/Download should succeed.

Hope this was helpful.

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I have tried your steps. But when I clicked download, I received "No target connected" error. Any idea? My Keil file versions are,