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Problems Programming a Minew Tech iBeacon Nrf51822 module

Hi all,

following this intro tutorial on how to program a Minew miniBeacon. https://developer.mbed.org/users/MarceloSalazar/notebook/programming-a-minibeacon-bluetooth-module-nordic-n/?c=18709 I ordered this Part http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/CE-FCC-Certified-BLE-4-0_60251654304.html. /media/uploads/abmo1201/20150701_222049.jpg

I did a lot of research on how to program an external module using nRF51-DK + j-link + nRFgo.

-I loaded the J-link image into the nRF51-DK and got a successful connection inside nRFgo.

- I Loaded the mbed HRM1 exemple into nRFgo and manged to erase/program the onboard nrf chip => everything worked perfectly so far.

Time to connect the external module.

- I made the required connections between the SWD pins on the nRF51-DK and the miniBeacon. And got a successful connection to nRFgo showing the external chip

-I loadded the same HRM1 hex file into nRFgo and pressed erase/program.

programming was successful.

but the minibeacon is completely silent no signals at all.

what went wrong?

I tried changing the battery, even programming another but similar minibeacon. used the internal 32kHz oscillator instead of an external 32kHz crystal(se this tut https://developer.mbed.org/forum/platform-39-Nordic-nRF51822-community/topic/4982/?page=1#comment-26405). Same result. successful connection/erase/Programming but no BLE signals.

Any idea on how to solve/debug this? would be most appreciated.



aah silly me. Do this if you get the same behaviour . DK-board is equipped with nrf51422 so if you are using a custom module equipped with nrf51822 make sure to select one of the boards that are nrf51822 compatible like the nRF51822-mKIT or the Seeed Tiny BLE. Use nRfgo to program you module. Soft-D are included within the exported .hex file. good luck.

regards Basit

posted by Baz Nuri 12 Jul 2015

hi, Dont you think that nRF-51 DK is compatible with nrf51822 for BLE only. Please check it out: https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/f/nordic-q-a/5747/moving-from-nrf51822-to-nrf51422

posted by Dr. Muhammad Abid Mughal 21 Jul 2018
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