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Lost storage space on FRDM Board

Hi - small question about the FRDM KL25Z ? When I connect the FRDM Board before flashing/ upgrading to the MBED firmware. The FRDM board states that I have 132 MB of flash storage (I copied 120 mb file - so I know there is the space) - BUT - After having put the MBED firmware I know have 172KB storage?

What would be the reason for losing the 130MB ? Anyone else seen or had the same experience?


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As there is no external flash, the fat file system is emulated in the RAM of the interface chip. So the size of the disk does not represent a physical storage space but emulates a "fake" file system. As soon as you have a size bigger than the size of the on chip target flash (128 Kb), there will be no difference.

Cheers, Sam