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stm32f378cc support?!

Hey everyone!

First off: I am new to this seemingly wonderful community and I am super excited to get deep into the stuff.

I do however have some question which I wasnt able to find an answer to so far.

1.) mbed can absolutely be used for completely custom hardware PCB designs, correct?

2.) mbed claims to support the whole STM32 family from ST. I am a bit confused whether it only works with the Nucleo board MCUs or also with other STM32 controllers (I want to use the stm32f378cc in my design with 16-bit ADCs!).

3.) How would I use the whole mbed suite with a custom design? The whole drag and drop system with binary files probably doesnt quite work anymore right? Am I correct if I say that mbed is "simply" a binary/flash-file generator for your target device and makes programmign your MCU just really really simple?

Thank you everyone!


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4 years, 8 months ago.

Code compiled by the online compiler are just bin files that will run on your custom board as long as the processor types are the same. You will need some programmer to flash the code into the processor on your own board. That could be a third party JTAG/SWD device like the Segger JFlash or possibly the programmer part of a nucleo board.

You can use the mbed libs with offline compiler tools like Keil or GCC. You should export the online project and import again in the other tool. Platforms that are not yet supported by the mbed libs can be added by porting the mbed source code to the new platform yourself. The existing ports may be used as starting point. Note that the online compiler will not support any new processors until the mbed staff has enabled that particular platform. You can still use the new platform code with offline tools.