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What changes are needed to make this work with the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board and 5in display?

Program as written fails with "Failed to open display: 3" error. Do I need to use EaLcdBoardGPIO as you have done in other Experiment Base Board graphical projects?

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Example using the GFX graphical library, EaLcdBoard, TSC2046 touch screen and SDRAM initialization LPC4088

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Yes, you must use the EaLcdBoardGPIO instead of EaLcdBoard as some of the signals are handled differently on the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board. I suggest starting with e.g. this one:

Import programlpc4088_ebb_gui_globe

Graphical demo for the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board with one of the Display Expansion Kits. This demo shows a number of dots projected on a rotating sphere.

and then adding in the code from main.cpp in app_gfx.

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Can you clearly explain me about how to do "app_gfx" in LPC 4088 Experiment Base Board and 4.3 inch display. Thank you in advance

posted by VIJAYA LAKSHMI 07 Aug 2015