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How do i add a printf statement to an already running program

I have a program that read and display waveform. I am currently trying to add a printf statement to the running program. And after adding the statement i want to read off the values from the original programme and display concurrently with the original program. The main idea is to combine the code. because individually hey can run but together i cannot get it to run. So please do advice me

Thank you

incomplete program :<< /media/uploads/gniyydnew/printf.txt>> the above program is the combination of these 2 program: <</media/uploads/gniyydnew/school.txt>> and <</media/uploads/gniyydnew/original.txt>>

Please supply code or at least details of why it doesn't work.

posted by Andy A 23 Jun 2015

i have already uploaded the programme. thank you very much for your help

posted by Shariq Azeem 24 Jun 2015

You can't have two main() funtions in a program. Combine them into one.

posted by Andy A 24 Jun 2015

thanks man. that was my mistake

posted by Shariq Azeem 25 Jun 2015
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