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Error: Undefined symbol TextLCD::cls() (referred from freescale.cpp.KL25Z.o).

  1. include "mbed.h"
  2. include "TextLCD.h" DigitalIn bp0(PTD7); DigitalIn bp1(PTD3); DigitalIn bp2(PTD2); AnalogIn bp3(PTC2); PwmOut bp4(PTC8);

DigitalOut myled(LED1); TextLCD lcd(PTC3,PTD1,PTD4,PTA12,PTA4,PTA5); rs, e, d4-d7 PwmOut myled2(LED2);

int main() { int i,j,k,l,c; float potar; bp0.mode(PullUp); bp1.mode(PullUp); bp2.mode(PullUp); lcd.locate(0,0); lcd.printf("Test LCD"); wait(0.5); while(1) { float read(bp3); for(float bp3 = 0.0f; bp3 < 1.0f; bp3 = 1.0f) { myled2 = bp3; potar = bp3; wait(0.1); bp4 = potar; myled = 1; wait(0.1); myled = 0; wait(0.1); lcd.cls(); i=bp0; j=bp1; k=bp2; l=!bp0; c=c+l;

lcd.printf("bp0=%d bp1=%d \nbp2=%d bp3=%f",i,j,k,potar);

} }

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Try the "Recompile all" button to recompile the source (including the textlcd library) for the freescale target.

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