6 years, 3 months ago.

Ticker working on startup then stop working

Hello I am using Ticker for having interupt at 100 ms. I am using it in class. I am also using nrf51822,mbed and Ble_api library. I am attaching this ticker in my main function before

while (1) { ble.waitForEvent(); }

and checking it on serial port. on start up it will show then it will stop working. what can be the issue? please help me out.

1 Answer

6 years, 3 months ago.

When does it stop working? Are you using the latest mbed lib? (Right click, update on the mbed lib, if it stops working after about 70 minutes, it should be fixed by this).

Hello, Thank you so mch for your prompt reply. I tried updated mbed-src and nowticker is working but my bluetooth stopped working. How should i manage my libraries now?

posted by krishna Mehta 25 Jun 2015

Make sure in the same way all your libs are updated to latest. Also do you need to use mbed-src instead of mbed normal? (Mbed-src is a bit a beta version also).

posted by Erik - 25 Jun 2015

mbed-src is neeed. and after updating all libraries. bluetooth issues are coming...

posted by krishna Mehta 27 Jun 2015