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STM32 Nucleo not powering?


I have just got a brand new STM32 Nucleo board,

now I just tried to power the board via the PC, simply plugging in the PC via USB, but

only the red LD1(COM) LED blinks, the others are OFF,

while on the manual I read "The red LED LD3 (PWR) and LD1 (COM)should light up. LD1 (COM) and green LED LD2 should blink"

Am I missing something obvious?


(Win Vista 64 PC, drivers installed but nothing happens...)

Such behavior does not indicate clearly that something is wrong with Nucleo. Nucleo behaves in the same way, for example, if it is connected to the USB charger or similar. If the Nucleo USB interface not carry the correct enumeration (connecting to driver on PC side), it will not turn on the power of the main processor (no flashing green LED) and flashing red LED. It is possible that it is still something wrong with the driver or USB cable.

You can check main procesor by close JP1 jumper (spare jumpers is on bottom side of Nucleo) and connect Nucleo to USB and see green led flashing. In my Nucleos it works. But this is not the solution to the main problem, only test.

Remember that if your Nucleo is brand new, firmware upgrade is needed, but without it, it should work properly.

posted by Nothing Special 27 Nov 2014

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8 years ago.

Check jumper U5V.

Thanks Andrey, The jumper JP5 is set to U5V. No success

posted by Isabella Abate 27 Nov 2014
5 years, 8 months ago.

if you are powering nucleo thru 5v at female header, u should change the U5V jumper selection

There're no U5V/E5V jumper on F303K8

posted by ธรรมธวัช หอสุวรรณ 03 Dec 2017