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Problems compiling mbed - FunctionPointer

It appears mbed (revision 564:24a7119bd73a) won't compile under GCC ARM Embedded.

mbed-src/common/FunctionPointer.cpp:20:1: error: specializing member 'mbed::FunctionPointerArg1<void,void>::FunctionPointer' requires 'template<>' syntax
 FunctionPointer::FunctionPointer(void (*function)(void)): _function(),
mbed-src/common/FunctionPointer.cpp:26:6: error: specializing member 'mbed::FunctionPointerArg1<void, void>::attach' requires 'template<>' syntax
 void FunctionPointer::attach(void (*function)(void)) {
mbed-src/common/FunctionPointer.cpp:31:6: error: specializing member 'mbed::FunctionPointerArg1<void, void>::call' requires 'template<>' syntax
 void FunctionPointer::call(void) {
mbed-src/common/FunctionPointer.cpp:45:1: error: expected '}' at end of input
 } // namespace mbed

Any assistance, please? Thank you

Turns out I updated mbed without removing the old version, and the update has been slightly restructured. FunctionPointer.cpp for example no longer exists

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