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Possible To Use m-center and u-center at the same time?


Is it possible to use u-center and m-center at the same time? I suppose it may take a multiplexed driver - or a driver with a software 'pipeline' to make that work - not sure. I may have read what you guys posted incorrectly - I thought both u-center and m-center worked together with this driver - but I see there is a GPS transparent serial driver also.

I am glad I don't need an active SIM card to check this since my service provider didn't ship my SIM cards on time and I was ready to get going with the C027's I ordered.

Regards, jwest

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This example establishes a transparent link between the mbed serial port and the modem (LISA or SARA) on the C027. You can use it to use the standard u-blox tools ... C027, modem, Serial
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Greetings John,

well the m-center is a tool for cellular module evaluation while u-center is for GNSS modules.

Sure, you can use both SW tools at the same time, but in this case you would have to connect both modules to your PC via serial connection.

The C027 board has only 1 serial COM port available - this is the port of the Lpc1768 application processor. If you use GPS transparent serial you will have the GNSS module serial interface data on the C027 serial port. If you use Modem transparent serial you will have the cellular module serial interface data on the C027 serial port.

Could you be more specific what you're trying to do?

Best Regards, Jaka

Hello Jaka,

Is there a way to do both or do you have to have a physical channel connected? Is there a way to mux both serial ports on the C027 to the PC's virtual UART port (via USB)?

I was hoping to get data for both the modem and the GPS this way at the same time without having to tear down the connection each time I wanted to switch.

Thanks, jwest

posted by JOHN WESTMORELAND 11 Jun 2015


Yes, cellular module has an option for multiplexing. If you enable GPS tunneling you will have messages of both modules (cellular and GNSS) available on cellular module's UART interface. Then you can just use Modem transparent serial example to have these messages on PC.

To enable GPS tunneling check the AT Commands manual (can be found on UBlox webpage). Check the +CMUX command description. I think there should be also an example in the application note. In Multiplexing mode the GNSS module sends data to cellular module via I2C interface, then these messages are multiplexed to cellular module's serial port..

I hope this helps, Jaka

posted by Jaka Bevk 11 Jun 2015

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