5 years, 11 months ago.

Compiler error 230

Upto 67kb (file size after compilation) my program was compiling successfully, but after some modifications i think it exceeded 67kb.Now it is not compiling and showing the following error

Warning: The build system is under heavy load right now. Compiles may take longer than usual.

Error: The build system did not finish successfully.

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5 years, 11 months ago.

Hi Archana,

I had faced this problem sometime back. I think it is because too many users might be trying to use the online compiler. Please try after sometime.

Regards, Lakshmanan.

Accepted Answer

Thank you Sir,

But I have tried multiple times , and still the problem exists.

posted by ARCHANA SREEKUMAR 04 Jun 2015

Hi, I am not sure what might be causing this problem. Please can you contact the MBED support team? Their e-mail ID is : support@mbed.org. Good luck !!

posted by Lakshmanan Gopalakrishnan 04 Jun 2015