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What do I need to start with


I'm new to this form and a medior C# windows programmer. I've always liked microcontrollers but ended up in the windows environments. Due to that interest, I'm considering a career change but I need first to build up my experience with the stuff.

So I consider to buy an arduino board, or start with ARM mbed because of the popularity of cortex processors. (maybe better for the future). Surfing the net, I've found mbed enabled boards like the stm32 NUCLEO-F411RE or Waveshare version XNUCLEO-F411RE. (http://www.waveshare.com/product/arduino/main-board/stm32/xnucleo-f411re.htm) which are all cheap.

What I don't get clear, what do I need (as free) development platform? Is the mbed internet app enough to start with, write code and upload it to the board?

Can somebody give me an advise in this ?

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You have done the important bit and signed up for an mbed account, now you need to choose your flavor of board and get developing, there is nothing more to it. Best to checkout the cookbook and handbook before you hit the compiler.

Then have fun!

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In addition to David's post: (Virtually) every mbed platform can be drag and drop programmed with the files the online compiler generates. So nothing else is required. For the vast majority of the mbed platforms also a complete debugger is included on the boards, for the nucleo boards this is an ST-link debugger. This is not useful for the online compiler, since that just does the compilation part, but if you want to switch later on to an offline toolchain you can simply export your current project, import them in your toolchain, and continue with your project, including full debugger support.