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bootloader and firmware

Hello, I download the CMSIS DAP sourcecode from the mbedmicro on the github. Then I compiled the mdk project(CMSIS-DAP\bootloader\mdk\k20dx128\k20dx128_bootloader.uvproj) and upload it to my mk20 chip, and the bootloader can run.Then I compiled the mdk project(CMSIS-DAP\interface\mdk\k20dx128\k20dx128_interface.uvproj) and get the binar file(k20dx128_kl25z_if.bin).So I run the bootloader and copy this binary file to the MSD. But when I cycle the power,nothing happen,that is,no MSD.So,what can I do?If I just upload binary file,the firmware also can run,but the bootloader can't run. So,what can I do? I must run the concat.py to merge the bootloader and firmware? But I always get the error 2 such as follows: /media/uploads/youyou/qq--20141124104934.jpg But I configue the settings.py file. Please give me some advice,thank you!

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as I recall, I dont think you need concat if you reflashed the mk20 with a new bootloader. Which is capable of updating the interface firmware.

Did you install mbed serial driver if you use windows? I mean have you used before any mbed board so that msd drive was shown?

posted by Martin Kojtal 24 Nov 2014

Thank you for your answer. I have installed the driver. I used three boards,LPC1768,nrf51822 and KL25Z.

posted by youyou yu 24 Nov 2014
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