6 years ago.

Unable to add a component?

Hi....for some reason I am unable to add a component to the database. It return with the error "page not available"

Any idea?


I just tried and was able. What category were you adding to? Were you uploading an image or linking to a image? Any details about the particulars of this component will help figure this out!

posted by Sam Grove 22 Nov 2014

Sam, thx for the quick answer. I was adding an item to "other" category. I uploaded an image (JPG) from the chip from a local directory of my PC by means of the browse option on the page, and the link to the datasheet. It concerns the TCA8418 from TI which is a very neat I2C keyboard scanner we used in one of our project. Regards, Willem

posted by Willem Braat 22 Nov 2014
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