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Basic Tools development path

Hi, I'm looking at getting an mbed blinky to run on a new board - MK20DX128 - chosen for its ram, flash, extensive peripherals, low power mode, and cost. I've designed it in the traditional way with an open hardware JTAG link - and have a Segger JLink interface. I've used JTAG on previous boards - Atmel.

The mbed concept is brilliant, and been prototyping some of the software on FRDM-MK20D50 and FRDM-K25Z and FRDM-K64F

I've also been using the Freescale KDS 1.1.1 to J-Link/CMIS-DAP debugging which is also brilliant and stable - but the Freescale software drivers don't have the big picture concept that mbed is putting forward.

However coming back to bringing up the custom hardware and integrating in with mbed I keep running into tools issues - though I realise their is a lot of effort going into this area - here is my 2cents.

I'd like to be able to run with tried and true tools - JTAG interface with full symbolic - while I transfer over to the new CMIS-DAP/SWD when they prove they are stable.

Can this be done (JTAG with full symbolic)?

Can I build a fully symbolic target from mbed and download over JTAG and run it.? ( I think that means having a local to the debugger .elf with code .c/.cpp/.h that can have the .elf downloaded through a GDB debbugger ~ which I think means a Segger J-Link/JTAG)

With mbed, all I've been able to find is building to .bin and downloading over USB CMIS-DAP (which is fantastic for getting started and final stages of stability testing, but not in the same class as integration testing with full symbolic debug)

I'd be happy to try in parallel with a CMIS-DAP paddle to JTAG /SWD - but I haven't seen that available - and seems like I should design it in next time. I think it requires JTAG to program the Freescale MK20D with CMIS-DAP software.


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