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Hi, is the RTOS supporting FRDM-K20D50M board with a MK20DX128 Cortex-M4

I've tried imporitng it - got a bunch of compile errors, worked through some of them but then hitting Error: A1854E: Unknown opcode 'VSTMDBEQ', maybe wrong target CPU? in "mbed-rtos/rtx/TARGET_CORTEX_M/TARGET_M4/TOOLCHAIN_ARM/HAL_CM4.c", Line: 157, Col: 2 Which is hitting the limits of my knowledge?

thanks Neil

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4 years, 8 months ago.

That was an issue recently noticed, see:

Hope it will be fixed soon

posted by Martin Kojtal 14 Nov 2014

Hello Erick, many thanks for the link, and also found this. So interesting - an ARM based cortex-M4 processor from Freescale has compiler errors on ARMs - the question was posed 18days ago and not been solved. The MK20 is a core processor as part of the Freescale CMIS-DAP implementation.

Martin, I wonder is there a timeline from ARM that is more definitive, ? Do you think I should be using Kinetis Design Studio for my project? many thanks

posted by neil hancock 14 Nov 2014

ARM's RTOS supports it, the mbed build system doesn't use the correct RTOS files (which is partially due to how ARM names them, and yeah mbed = ARM, but still different of course in practise).

I would have made a (partial) solution, but that user indicated he would look further into it. So thats why I at least didn't look further into it.

posted by Erik Olieman 14 Nov 2014

Erik appreciate the information. Practically speaking - using I'm dead in the water right now. I appreciate as communications hub as well as the tools support, but its not clear with this critical error if anybody dependable has signed up to clear it up. (I don't have the insights) I tried to build by pulling just the source from and build just core "mbed" directory in KDS 1.1.1 - and it needs <rt_misc.h> - and I can't find it anywhere - except for some references to it on Any ideas or should I ask a separate question. Practically speaking with FRDM-K20D50 as a starting point - see some other comments I've made - I'm dead in the water with - I like mbed architecture and what its talking about - but if I can't put a tools environment together .......

posted by neil hancock 17 Nov 2014

I don't use KDS myself, so wouldn't know how to do that. I have a basic github environment which I just use to command line compile, and if I want it in an offline environment I generally export from the mbed compiler. Is there a KDS export available?

Regarding your RTOS issue: The easiest solution to get it working online should be copying the HAL_CM3.c contents into HAL_CM4.c. (They are in RTX/Cortex-M/Target_M3/4/Toolchain_ARM)

posted by Erik Olieman 17 Nov 2014

Wonderful. That got it - many thanks. Neil

posted by neil hancock 17 Nov 2014