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How to export wiki pages?

My team and I are working on an mbed library. We keep a copy of the repositories in our company systems and push to the mbed CSV repositories when releasing. So far, this works fine. The problem comes with the library and examples' documentation, that are in the mbed.org wiki. We would like to have a copy of the wiki pages in our systems for back up purposes and for corporate policy. Is there a way to automatically save all the Wiki pages in a zip file or something similar that can be later posted? We have been doing it manually for each release, but it's not the best solution. If there were a way to at least import this so we can internally keep trace of the documentation status on each push commit, that would be great.

Thank you very much.

I've worked around this. Find my solution in this Notebook entry: https://developer.mbed.org/users/spastor/notebook/exporting-mbed-wiki-page/

posted by Sebastián Pastor 22 May 2015

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There's no simple way that we provide to do that and we're not likely to.

Keeping your documentation in your repository might be a good workaround.

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Thank you very much Stephen. I'm working on a python script to retrieve the Wiki page's markup code. I'll publish a draft and link in this question in case anybody else needs it.

posted by Sebastián Pastor 21 May 2015