7 years, 2 months ago.

Export not working with mbed-src included

Hello I've had problems the last couple of days when trying to export my programs for offline work. I've noticed the problem when I'm trying to export with full mbed-src for.

The export halts w. an error telling me to contact support. Before that the export was giving me corrupted .zipfiles. This has worked before. I did several succesfull exports last week.

I've bee trying to export for Nucleo 103, Nucleo 411 and LPC1768 for moth Keil and EmBlocks.

Any help is highly appreciated.

1 Answer

7 years, 2 months ago.

Hi Spang Kuk,

It looks like due to the sheer size of mbed-src it is timing out before the export has finished running. I will look into whether the timeout figure can be increased to accommodate the time that it takes for mbed-src to export.



Accepted Answer

Hello Steve I fully appreciate that the server can be under heavy load from time to time. I just did an export containing full mbed-src. The downloaded .zip file appears to be OK. Thank you very much for you effort.

posted by Spang Kuk 15 Nov 2014