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Download error when saving program on Nucleo F401RE

Hi, I have a Nucleo F401 RE board. I wrote a new program and compiled it . It is showing compilation status as success but when I am trying to save it on Nuceo board I am getting Download error/Virus scan failed error. Did any one know the solution? If so please post here. It would be helpful for me.

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By "Download error/Virus scan failed" are you referring to your web browser can't even download the bin file to your local machine? If so then whatever virus scanner you're using is too paranoid and not allowing the browser to download bin files. I've had no problems downloading F401RE images with Chrome on two machines (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).

posted by Dan East 16 Nov 2014

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5 years, 11 months ago.

I have a F411RE and I could not save anything on the board before I had performed a firmware update. Did you do a firmware update on your board?

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No I haven't done any firmware upgrades. Before upgrading firmware is there a possibility to take back up of the current version that I have? If so please let me know

posted by Hema Vadlamudi 13 Nov 2014

I don't think you can do a backup of the firmware. You can follow the steps in the document "UM1727: Getting started with STM32™ Nucleo board software development tools" to get the boards working.

posted by Wilco Bonestroo 13 Nov 2014

If don't have a firmware backup, how can I get the earliest version then? are they any other alternatives? When saving code onto the board it is showing virus scan failed error? Can you please tell me how to overcome that error?

posted by Hema Vadlamudi 13 Nov 2014

Wilco, I have updated my firmware and now I am able to download .bin files onto board. Download error/Virus scan error is not coming now. Thanks a lot for your answer.

posted by Hema Vadlamudi 14 Nov 2014